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The Sugarverse Series

The Sugarverse Series follows generations of friends and family through their intricate love lives. Read the books as stand-alone novels or in numerical order. Cupid’s arrow strikes a new victim at the end of one book, and that love story is the subject of the next. Never lose your favorite couples to The End, because you will see their relationships flourish throughout the entire Sugarverse series.

Book #1 – Arm Candy

Book #1
“I don’t normally wine and dine hookers,
no matter how top shelf they are.” – Aurick Spencer

It was undoubtedly the wine followed by many, many whisky shots—or Mercy Haggins’ desire to escape society’s expectations. Regardless of which and encouraged by her equally drunk friends, the millionaire heiress enrolls on a sugar daddy dating app, reinventing herself as a poor, pitiful orphan.

…..New to the city, Aurick Spencer, the CEO and President of an expanding conglomerate, is manipulated into attending one such date. When an incredibly gorgeous prostitute arrives—he’s game.

…..He’s the kind of man Mercy’s attracted to—conceited, self-assured, and devastatingly handsome.

…..No one denies Aurick and he sets out to possess her by any means necessary. 

…..In a twist of fate, the only option left for Mercy is to accept his offer with a couple of concessions:
…..Number one, no sex.
…..Number two, she keeps her day job. 

…..With each passing day though, she’s tempted to break rule number one. And, rule number two gets complicated when Aurick’s company jeopardizes her family-owned company’s growth strategy, forcing her to choose sides.

This steamy, but sweet romance may contain the following: alcohol, assault, blood, death, depression, foul language, sexually explicit content, and violence. Reader discretion is advised.

In Progress…

Book #2 – Sticky Fingers
Surrounded by book one characters, Sabria wonders if anything could be worse than a phone call in the middle of her brother’s very formal wedding?

There is. The unwanted caller arrives at the wedding, accusing her of stealing his car.

Book #3 – The Snow Ball
Carmen Richards

Book #4
Gwen Davis

Book #5
Beverly Keating

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