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You’ve discovered another of my pen names. Each has an independent personalty. I imagine this is how Achelle looks.

What’s this part of me like?

…..I love silence-complete silence. It doesn’t always work best for my family. Our home is immersed in soothing calm.
…..I love to be contemplative, often lost in my own thoughts. I enjoy being alone and am protective of my privacy. I don’t like being spotlighted or the center of attention.
…..I only wish to live anonymously and because of it, I don’t want my identity/image known. I know as a fan, this may be hard to understand.
…..Why wouldn’t I want to be known for my work?
…..Because writing for me is not about fame. It’s about a connection. I can’t help but write. It’s as instinctual as breathing.

A few of my favourite…

TV Shows
McLeod’s Daughters

Classical Music, especially Lute

Survival Camping
Complete Silence

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