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About Annora Adams

It takes another part of who I am to write as Annora, one of my pen names. The image above represents how I feel when I write as her. She’s explorative, wild, and fun-loving.

…..I must admit, when I first thought of writing erotica I assumed it would be easy, but I was wrong.
…..I want you to read each sentence; physically feel each touch, hear every sound, and move every move in your mind. I hope I have accomplished this. I hope you enjoy reading my stories the tenth time as much as you enjoy them the first and I hope you keep your vibrator handy as a bookmark.
…..Remember when sex was new and exciting? For some of you, this time is now. You’ll feel and experience things you could never have imagined. I want to celebrate with you and pass on these words of wisdom: experience all you can. Whenever possible, explore new partners, techniques and never be afraid of any possibility.
…..For most of you, this exciting phase has passed. You’re racking your brain trying to achieve it one last time or you’ve given up and decided it’s just too much work. My advice to you is this: If at any time during your first reading of my stories you say to yourself, ‘Oh my God, I want that’, remember it’s never too much work to find it again and just do it.
…..Have sex, lots of sex, with someone else, male or female, one or more partners at once, younger or older, but make sure to take the time to enjoy sex by yourself. Be selfish that way; make time for you with or without toys.
…..Be proud. Proud you are a woman and you can be sexually fulfilled without being ashamed. Enjoy everything that feels good, no matter what others think, more than one time.
…..I hope these stories give you a place to start living out your fantasies or discover new ones that you didn’t even know you had.
…..My final piece of advice: be safe. Use protection from STIs, pregnancy, or uncontrollable situations while you explore who you are now sexually.

Sincerely with pleasure,
Annora Adams

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