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Aaryanna’s Fantasy

The Blackened Tablet Series

The Blackened Tablet Series is an epic fantasy quest story with corrupt politics, wondrous magic, and illicit encounters in a supernatural world where no one is safe. Everyone loves a hero—good triumphs evil. But few dare to question how victory ripples into consequences. Explore this exciting concept in The Blackened Tablet Series.

Cover Design by: Keylin Rivers
Hard Cover: 978-0-9918512-9-4
Paperback: 978-0-9918512-8-7
Ebook: 978-1-7386710-0-7

I: A Crown Forged By Victory’s Consequence

Three hundred years ago, the sacred tablet granted by their god, Jezabet, turned black, and eight kingdoms broke free, plummeting into the bottomless sea. There was no warning, and no one knows why.

Now, a strange illness plagues Aldersward. Crowned Prince Aedyn’s sisters, Achelle and Annora, his father, and countrymen are desperate and grief-stricken. All hope is lost…

Until someone dreams, and Aedyn leaves behind his mistress and his betrothed to cure their nation. He enlists his friends; a brazen playboy, a gentle strongman, and an ancient mentor. Together, they set out on a perilous journey—few believe they will survive.

This isn’t a fairy tale—sex becomes currency, murder is ordinary, and love doesn’t conquer all. 

I: A Crown Forged By Victory’s Consequence (February 2023)
II: A Crown Forged By Loyalty’s Betrayal
(June 2023)
III: A Crown Forged By Opportunity’s Cruelty
(January 2024)
IV: A Crown Forged By Liberty’s Prison
(June 2024)
V: A Crown Forged By Destiny’s Misfortune
(January 2025)

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