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Aaryanna Abbott


About Aaryanna Abbott

This is another of my pen names. For every pen name, I use a different part of who I am. I imagine this is how she looks.

What’s this part of me like?

…..I was a daddy’s girl. The very epitome of spoilt.
…..I love to be wild and crazy—experience everything the world has to offer. I’m adventurous and my care-free disposition is contagious.
…..I’m loyal to a fault and don’t care what expectations or labels society has bestowed upon me. I believe one’s truth is more valuable than anyone’s perception.
…..This part of me writes for escapism—to be free of my mundane day to day and live in a magical world almost as real to me as earth. Except in my imaginary world, I control all things and it pleases me to no end.
…..Do you know how happy you would be living there?

From me to you,
Aaryanna Abbott

A few of my favourite…

TV Shows
Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Brandon Sanderson
Sarah J. Maas
Andrzej Sapkowski

Anything with a Dance Beat

Call of Duty
Survival Camping
The Witcher
World of Warcraft
Drinking Games

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