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What’s in store for 2022?

20220101 – January 1st – Friends With Pens Author Group

Annora Adams
This year I’m working on The Restless Bean Series. We have so many shorts planned for our readers to enjoy. I laid the groundwork for the new series by creating a heat level graphic so readers won’t be surprised by what they are reading. You can check this out on my genre page.

Marlayna James
While I’m collaborating with my author friends, I’m hoping to finish The Sugarverse Series in 2022. It’s about time to put this one on paper and end the ten year project. 17 books with 17 couples who find their happily ever after.

Aayranna Abbott
The first book in The Blackened Tablet Series is complete. However, finding someone with a similar vision for the project has been difficult. We’ve decided to self-publish into Kindle Vella if it ever becomes available in Canada.

Achelle Ashby
This coming year I’m not releasing anything There’s too much to write, too much to do and someone has to update our readers, our website, and our social media. Stay tuned to all our channels for more projects throughout the year.

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